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About company

About company

Saleh Alrajhi and Sons Company was incorporated in 2011 as a leading Saudi company in the field of investment in many vital sectors.It is a limited liability company with a large operational income, based on a deep understanding of the nature of the local investment market, and combining names and experiences with a worldwide investment reputation.


Offering the best financial outputs and realizing a value added to its clients.
Upgrading the company sectors to international levels to be one of the best giant investment companies in the Middle East.
Paying much care to building qualified Saudi resources, and endeavoring to establish and qualify an aspired generation that lives up to the our lovely country’s bidding.


Offering distinguished and matchless investment solutions and business opportunities. Supporting the emerging corporations and companies and raising up their business standards to higher levels through acquisition, merging and consultancies.
Enhancing the investment sector and pushing forward the wheel of development as a leading Saudi company in the field of investment with all of its sectors according to state-of-the-art standards, adopting local concepts that understand needs of the Saudi market.


Adopting and following the concepts of creditability, transparency and specialization. Insisting on being distinguished and professional, and being keen on high quality and seamless performance. Commitment to local and international controls, laws and policies, and respecting customers and the social environment.

Speech of the Chairman of the Board of Directors

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is rich with its investment sectors which involved multiple and diversified fields. The benefits anticipated by these fields is only completed through combining efforts of the private and public sector, and exerting all possible efforts to enhance the prosperous investment conditions which we have attained with grace and generosity of Allah Almighty. We, at Saleh Sulaiman Alrajhi and Sons Company for Investment are proud to be one of the leading companies participating in pushing forward the wheel of development in our lovely country and realizing welfare to its customers and country.
Saleh Suleiman Abdulaziz AlRajhi

Speech of the CEO

Work in investment sector leads us to bear a great social and economical responsibility, particularly with the reliability and stability we have realized at Saleh Al Rajhi and Sons for Investment. Year by year we are becoming more and more keen on realizing the gains anticipated by our projects and attaining satisfaction for our customers. We always assure we are careful about that successful investment status, and we always work for more unique projects and innovative investment solutions.

Suleiman Saleh Suleiman AlRajhi

Our Investments

Our Investments

"Saleh Sulaiman Al Rajhi and Sons" adopt the principle of continuous development of business, and geographical diversification and expansion. This way the "commercial activities of the company have expanded with the local market to cover the regional and world markets of wider scopes, particularly after the company has proven a great strategic success in several projects inside and outside Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company also owns a number of the multi purposes residential, commercial and hotel projects which are designed according to highest world standards. These projects spread all over the Arab, gulf and world countries bearing in mind respect of our society and its traditions. Saleh Sulaiman Al Rajhi and Sons has several investments in the most vital sectors such as:

Real estate sector

Medical sector

Tourism and travel sector

Food sector

Hospitality and hotels

Agricultural, industrial and food products sector

Import and export sector

Stocks- funds- portfolios

Our companies

  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • companies

    Easy Travel Company

    A company with Saudi origin and world Experience. It is a limited liability company with unlimited services incorporated in 2012 by a number of owners and founders with ambitions in building a tourism world seamless and luxurious in all of its services. In a short time, the company has proven itself through its fast growth, and gained trust and respect of customers and rivals. Easy travel today enjoys a number of quality and strategic relationships in the Arab and World markets in the field of tourism, travel and aviation services.

  • Sar Investment Company

    Sar Investment Company

    SAR investment Company is known to be an investment company aiming at owning shares in companies around the world, and it is also active in general trading and real estate sector, and in the industrial and agricultural projects, hotels and others.


    Nouriba company is one of the leading real estate companies in Morocco. The company has proven its competency in the field of real estate since 1988 as it is concerned with forming new life styles with focus on distinguished design, building, quality and respect to environment. It developed more than 47 buildings composing of apartments, duplex and penthouse in addition to the commercial units and residential offices.

  • Sar Doo Bosnia and Herzegovina Company

    Sar Do invests in Sarajevo the capital of Bosnia where the project is constructed on Tribivitch mountain eastern Sarajevo city which is 1629 meters high above sea level extending towards Yahorina. Sarajevo is looked to as an investment attracting destination as it offers different types of tourism.

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